Gusseted Bags

Our gusseted bags have an expandable pleat on both sides of the bag allowing plenty of room for bulky, oversized, large, square and odd sizes items. These Clear Poly Gusseted Bags help protect your products from moisture, dust, scratches. All bag sizes are FDA Approved for Food and Produce.

They can also be used for packaging items such as computers, monitors, televisions, digital video recorders, dvd, dvr, vcr, furniture, chairs, auto seats, electrical components, covering pallets, bin liners, and many other applications.

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Gusseted Bags

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Gusseted Bags on Roll

1 Mil Gusseted Bags on Roll
1.5 Mil Gusseted Bags on Roll
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Bags are measured... Width x Depth x Length
See information below on "How Gusseted Bags are measured"
See information below on "How to SEARCH for Gusseted Bag"

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To Search for bags by Width ... See Illustration below:
In the Search Block (Width) ... Enter a bag size .... Example ....  36" Wide, Then  Enter    36 and
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Enter a bag size such as 8  x  3  x  15, then choose a mil thickness and click "GO".  If you would like to view all of the same size gusseted bag choices, then enter 8 x 3 x 15 and click "GO"

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How Gusseted Bags are measured
Width   x  Depth   x  Length........  Example:  A Gusseted Bag Size -  8" x 3" x 15"
would be as shown below:
8"   = Width of bag
3"   = Depth (From front to Back)
15" = Length of bag (Or Height)
Gusseted Bag measurements are (Outside Dimensions)

Wholesale Gusseted Bags - Made in U.S.A.

Large Selection of Clear Polyethylene Gusseted Bags. Stock and Custom Sizes. Delivery on Custom Run Bags is usually within 10 days.

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