Poly Strapping Kits
Plastic Banding for Packaging Products.

Economical way to ship and secure your products with the extra protection. Polypropylene strapping is 50 % lighter that metal banding. It is also safer, easy to use, and less expensive.

Core Size 16" x 6"

We offer a complete line of strapping, buckles, seals, strapping carts and tools.

Seals for Poly Strapping Poly Strapping Buckles for Poly Strapping Crimper - Tool Strapping Cart

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STCO2K  Complete Strapping Kit
Includes: 500 - 1/2" Metal Seals - 1 Tensioner  -  1 Crimper   -  1 Mobile Strapping Cart  and 3,100 ft. (400 lb) Poly Strapping.

STKO1   Strapping Kit
Includes: 1 Coil of 1/2" x  3000 ft Black Poly Strapping and
300 Metal Buckles 

STK01P  Postal Approved Strapping Kit
Includes: 3000 ft. White Poly Strapping and 500 Plastic Buckles

STKO2 Strapping Kit
Includes: 1 roll of 1/2" x 9000 ft. 300 lb Black Poly Strapping - 1,000 Seals, 1 heavy duty crimper and tensioner.

PS-58KIT Complete Strapping Kit
Includes: 1000 - 5/8" Metal Seals - 1 HD Tensioner
1 HD Crimper - Mobile Strapping Cart 1 Coil of  5/8" x 5400 ft. 800 lb Strapping

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