Large 150 Gallon Bags

Custom Fit Large bags to line the inside of a 150 gallon container!

Extra tough liners for containers on rollers. Excellent for Medical Waste, Refuse waste and other of disposal. Bags are in Stock for immediate shipment.

Extra Tough Trash Can Liners, fits 150 gallon containers. Available in Heavy, Extra Heavy and XX Heavy duty. See choices above in various mil thickness and color(s) of Black and Clear. Each bag is made to custom fit the 150 gallon container to protect and help keep it clean from waste disposal.

Bags fits inside container shown above, lines the bottom and sides of the container and helps contain disposal items, keeping the inside clean and sanitary.

150 Gallon Hvy Duty Bag - CLEAR
For Waste collection, 2.0 Mil Thickness, 50 bags per roll. These Bags are CLEAR in color (Transparent)

Extra Heavy Duty Bag - BLACK
Fits 150 Gallon Containers.
These are BLACK bags for waste collection, Medical Waste, Disposal and many other applications trash disposal. 3.0 Mil thickness with 35 bags per roll Extra Hvy Duty

Heavy Duty - Large Container Bag - BLACK
Fits 150 Gallon Containers.
BLACK, 2.0 Hvy Duty. Normally use for for Medium to Heavy items. Bags are BLACK in Color Heavy Duty

XX Heavy Duty Bag - CLEAR
Fits 150 Gallon Containers.
CLEAR Bags. 4.0 XXhvy duty. Normally use for for very heavy items. These bags are CLEAR in color (Transparent)

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